The JACOB JENSEN® jewellery are made up of three collections in total: Arc, Sapphire and Edge. All three are composed of high quality stainless steel, with PVD plating in gold, rose gold and black.

Like many designs JACOB JENSEN® has produced over the years, the inspiration for these collections came from nature. The rugged scenery and various types of rocks there provided the ideal starting point for the designs.


Chalk lines found on certain round rocks are echoed in the lines drawn onto the pieces of the Arc collection. As the name suggests, the designs are also based on the circumference of a circle. The collection consists of bangles, bracelets, rings and earrings. There are also necklaces with a single circle-shaped pendant and necklaces with several circles joined together with a steel chain.


Where the pieces in the Arc collection have a soft, rounded look, the earrings, pendant necklaces and rings of the Sapphire collection have a more contoured appearance. The contours created on these pieces of jewellery beautifully echo those of other rock types found on the beach. The contoured settings of the rings in particular give them a really decorative appeal.


The pendant necklaces of the Edge collection, meanwhile, have a more solid, geometric feel to them. The rings in this collection are also available in men’s sizes. The colour choices made: the grey, black and rose gold again take their cues from the distinctive landscape along the lakeside.

The JACOB JENSEN Arc, Sapphire and Edge collections feature both matt and shiny finishes and occasionally a combination of the two. Some necklaces include chains made of steel while others have a strand of leather for a more informal look.

With their focus on design and simple combinations of materials, the jewellery collections are completely in keeping with the design language of Jacob Jensen. They also perfectly complement JACOB JENSEN’s extensive range wristwatches.